Pedo Dentistry


From the minute you and your child walk through the doors of our clinic, you will realize Korayem dental Clinic is like no other dental center you have been to. Not that we have exclusivity on welcoming, friendly receptionists, but we make sure that a child’s first and subsequent visits to us are positive, fun and not something to be anxious or worried about.

Our unique concept is “prevention is always better than cure”

We prefer to prevent decay rather than treat it! We carry out the important “Oral Health Education” plan prior to treatment. Children receive guidance on how to care for their teeth along with the gift of a new toothbrush. They are motivated to want to take care of their teeth and to understand that ultimately their teeth are their responsibility. Of course, we also encourage parents to offer supervision and support.

We provide Practical tooth brushing exercises:

Demonstrating the latest, time-saving oral hygiene products.
Demonstrating age appropriate teeth brushing techniques.
Advice on the use of dental floss.
Explaining the benefits of fluoride.

Professional preventive programmer

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