State of the art Dentistry

  • We guarantee the most advanced technology and equipment which is necessary for proper treatment for our patients.
  • We have a very strict Sterilization system because we believe our patient's safety is number one priority in our clinic.
  • The quality of materials used in dentistry is one of our most important advantages, the materials used in our clinic are carefully selected from a huge variety of materials to guarantee the best and the most durable results.


Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) has been extensively utilized in a variety of manufacturing and engineering fields for decades. Now, CAD/CAM is helping revolutionize the digital dentistry world by simplifying and streamlining the creation of porcelain dental restorations.

CAD/CAM restorations tout numerous advantages for you, your dental practice and your patients alike. If you are still using traditional methods to manufacture restorations in your dental practice, these three advantages of CAD/CAM will sway you to make the switch.


Unlike Any Other Diode Laser. Introducing the first advanced-grade diode laser in dentistry that offers more power and innovation than any diode on the market. Epic soft tissue laser for better soft tissue control, less bleeding, no pain and more


A New Way to Manage Peri-Implantitis

Our Waterlase feature the REPAIR Implant protocol for flapless, acid-free debridement of the implant and surrounding tissues Waterlase offer fast, effective, minimally invasive alternatives to traditional implant surgical tools.


If you are in need of a dental filling or root canal, microscopic dentistry is a revolutionary approach to raising the bar of your dental experience using a state-of-the-art microscope to enhance treatment process and results.


* printing models with high accuracy instead of an old stone model.
* fabricating surgical guides to place the implants with very high accuracy.
  • printing temporary crowns and bridges.
2 – Printing Trilogy Dimensions
  • Print Measurements Digitally In high Precision instead of From Pour Measurements Plastered.
  • Print Evidence Agriculture To make Operation Agriculture the teeth Easier And More accurate And Faster without the need to me open Gum Surgically.
  • Print Coatings And Fitting Temporary.

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